treatment part 6: brain exercises


My dear friends,

Today I want to talk about a fabulous form of “treatment”: brain exercises. Yes, it is actually a real thing that my doctor asked me to do as part of my treatment plan. It may sound insignificant compared to the other options for getting well, but it’s actually very helpful and 100% good for you. Remember, I am a big fan of avenues that help you get better that have no downside.

Did you know that your brain can be retrained to work better?  For those of us who suffer with memory loss, trouble focusing or making decisions, confusion, or even getting lost… we can literally help our brains heal. Our brains can create new connections by doing brain exercises.

My friends, I know that the idea of doing brain exercises may make you want to pull your hair out. There are many days that I feel that way – even though I am convinced it is helpful. When we feel so “fried”, it sounds like the last thing we want to do… but that is actually an indication that we need it!

So, let’s talk about options:

  1. BrainHQ – This is an app my doctor “prescribed”. It was created by a team of neurologists, in order to help their patients with the things I mentioned above, as well as things like auditory processing, sorting information, etc… I’ve used it, and was extremely impressed. As opposed to some other programs, it is truly challenging (in a good way). Throughout the months, I could see that my brain was making improvement. It has some free exercises that you can do daily, but you can pay for a subscription that gives you access to all of their 29 games. If you subscribe a month at a time, it is $14 per month. If you subscribe for a year, it is $8 per month.
  2. Peak – This is an app I found on my own, and I love it. It doesn’t feel as challenging as BrainHQ, but I do find it more fun; I look forward to playing it each day. It also has some free exercises that you can do daily, but a subscription will give you access to all 36 games. If you subscribe a month at a time, it is $5 per month. If you subscribe for a year, it is $3 per month.
  3. FitBrains – This is an app by Rosetta Stone. It is not as challenging as BrainHQ or Peak, but I did find it helpful. This is perhaps the most user-friendly / intuitive of the three. They have a free trial period only; after that, you would have to subscribe in order to keep playing. If you subscribe a month at a time, it is $8. If you subscribe for a year, it is $3.33 per month.

All of these options are good. I’d suggest you try all three before subscribing. That way, you can decide which is your favorite. When you do this, I’d “exercise” for 15-20 minutes a day. Stay consistent with it, and within a few weeks, you should be able to notice your cognitive function improving.

I have a funny confession. There was a point where I was turned off by the idea of subscribing to one of these. My thought was, “I’m paying so much for everything else… I don’t know how I feel about spending this.” Then, I had a reality check: “I’m paying so much for everything else – doctors, medicine, oxygen therapy… and this is so cheap but helpful! What was I thinking?!” So, yes, my friends, I think this is totally worth it. It can only help you, and the science backs it up that it does. It actively strengthens your brain, which is a big deal when Lyme is tearing it apart.

A disclaimer – friends, you should be forewarned that you may feel mentally exhausted and scrambled after playing these games. It can take a toll, but don’t be discouraged. It’s like all of the other treatment: you feel bad for a while, so that you can feel good later. (P.S. The mental scramble doesn’t last too long either).

I hope you enjoy these, and I hope that you feel mentally clearer quickly!


One comment

  1. laurabennet · June 3, 2016

    Thanks! Brain games are great. I’m so glad they are helping you!


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